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Abraham Lincoln said "everyone desires to live long, but no one would be old."  Well, we're getting half our wish.  We are living longer but we are still getting old.  At Kraner & Hess, LLC we can help you prepare for longevity. We focus on preserving quality of life and independence by offering comprehensive solutions to managing the care of aging loved ones. 


If you need help with the complex challenges linked with aging, call Kraner & Hess, LLC.




Legal Documents:


Power of Attorney: General Durable Power of Attorney to handle financial, property and/or other matters in the event you are unable to do so.


Health Care Power of Attorney: Authorizes agent to obtain and discuss your medical information with your doctors or to make arrangements for your care in the event you are unable to do so.


Living Will/Advance Directives: Documents your wishes regarding the use of life support systems or procedures in the face of an irreversible terminal condition.


Last Will and Testament: Expresses your wishes as to how your property and assets should be distributed after your death.


Revocable Living Trust: Employed as a means of avoiding or minimizing probate procedures and estate taxes. May be advisable depending on your personal, financial and health situation.


Other Trusts: Irrevocable Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts.




  Ownership of Assets: How should your assets be held?

                Joint Ownership and Designation of Beneficiaries

                        Benefits, considerations and drawbacks


Setting up Trusts: To Fund or not to Fund

                Accessibility of Documents and Information


Programs & Strategies:


Spectrum of Care: In-home Care, Life Care Communities, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes


Fine-tuning Your Life-Care Plan: Taking the necessary steps to insure that your future plan can be properly implemented


Define Your Priorities: Staying in the Community, Protecting Assets


Title 19 (Medicaid) Programs and Eligibility Rules:

                                Home Care Programs

                                Nursing Home Program

                                Assisted Living Pilot Program

                                Money Follows the Person Program

Other Programs:

                                Veterans Administration – Aid and Attendance Pension

                                Reverse Mortgages

                                Long-Term Care Insurance